πŸ’€ We are all going to die πŸ’€

Dying! It is what humans do. We do, however, attempt to delay this end for as long as possible. We continue to make horrible decisions around risk and death.

We can use micromorts to help track how risky an activity is and compare it to other activities. This will help us understand what is dangerous and what isn’t.

From wikipedia

A micromort (from micro- and mortality) is a unit of risk defined as one-in-a-million chance of death Micromorts can be used to measure riskiness of various day-to-day activities. A microprobability is a one-in-a million chance of some event; thus a micromort is the microprobability of death. The micromort concept was introduced by Ronald A. Howard who pioneered the modern practice of decision analysis.

For instance, living one day at age 20 is 1 micromort, running a marathon is 7 micromorts, and riding a motorcycle for 60 miles is 10 micromorts. We can easily see that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than running a marathon.

This is helpful.

The following is a collection of activities and the micromorts of each activity. You can than compare, understand risks and then make decisions.

At the bottom of the table is a form where you can contribute values for other activities. Let’s collect them all.


Micromorts for various activities
Mountaineering Ascent to Mt. Everest37932
Mountaineering in the Himalayas12000
Being infected by COVID1910000
Being infected by the Spanish flu3000
Mountaineerin Ascent to Matterhorn2840
Living in US during covid19 pandemic (July 2020)500
Getting out of bed (age 90)463
Base Jumping (per jump)430
First day of being born430
Giving birth (caesarean)170
Giving Birth170
Scuba diving (Trained) per year164
Giving birth (Vaginal)120
Getting out of bed (age 75)105
Giving Birth80
Night in Hospital75
Living in NYC during Covid19 (March 15 to May 9)50
Giving Birth50
Using Heroin30
serving in the U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan throughout 201025
Playing American Football20
Getting out of bed (under age 1)15
Ecstasy (MDMA)13
Going for a swim (Drowning)12
General Anesthetic (Emergency Operation)10
Riding a motorcycle (60 miles)10
Skydiving (per jump) (genera)10
SKydiving (US) (per jump)8
Skydiving (UK) (per jump)8
Hang gliding8
Running a Marathon7
Living in Maryland during Covid19 Pandemic (March 15 to May 9)7
Getting out of bed (age 45)6
Scuba diving (Trained) per dive5
Rock Climbing (per climb)3
Living 2 months with a smoker1
Walking 20 miles per day (Accident)1
Traveling 230 miles per day by. car. (accident)1
Traveling 1000 miles per day by plane(accident)1
Traveling 1000 miles per day by. train (accident)1
Eating 1000 bananas1
Spending 1 hour in a coal mine1
Eating 40 tsp of peanut butter1
Eating 100 char broiled steak1
One day alive at age 201
Skiing (per day)0.7
Horseback Riding0.5
Kangaroo Encounter0.1


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